math question for Qspinbox in pyqt3

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – def slider5_2Changed(self,a0): if self.radioButton6.isChecked(): self.LCDNumber5_2.display("%4.2f" % (a0/4.00)) self.spinbox23.setValue(a0/4*100) In the above code the lcd display for eg: 2.75 but the linked spinbox shows only 200 till the slider goes over 3.00 then the spinbox will show 300 I need the spinbox to show 275 when the slider is at 2.75. I can't use QDoubleSpinBox due to pyqt3 so the "." will just have to be ignored I guess. The spinbox setLineStep is 1. Any ideas?? Thanks (HowTos)