Mass ID3 tag editor like vorbistagedit?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – My favorite tool for batch editing of vorbis comments is vorbistagedit. I can do vorbistagedit *.ogg and it lets me edit the metadata in all my ogg files at once in my favorite editor (emacs). I'm wondering if there is a tool that works in a similar fashion for id3 tags? I could see it opening up a file that looked something like: : file1.mp3 + file1.mp3 TIT2=Title TPE1=Artist TALB=Album : file2.mp3 + file3.mp3 ... And I could add/edit tags as I see fit, and when I close out the $EDITOR, it writes the tags back to the files. It wouldn't have to work exactly like that, but I think that w (HowTos)