Map known UID on NFSv4 server without client using idmapd?

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – My problem is that my NFS client accesses my Fedora 17 NFS server with a crazy user-ID. This platform does not use idmapd, it mis-uses LDAP, and creates its' own uid from the user’s LDAP record. It’s actually even more painful than that, but I’m left with a bottom line: Given a NFS client that presents a known uid, how can I map that to the LDAP uid I know it is? Yes, I have been slogging through the NFS docs, but I can find no current docs of the case where the server-side maps a non-root user to a uid without the client using idmapd. I HAVE created a local user with the clients’ crazy (HowTos)