Map Control-Shift-Tab in rxvt-unicode

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I'd like to map the keybinding Ctrl+Shift+Tab in rxvt-unicode. I managed to map Ctrl+Tab as follows. The corresponding entry in .Xresources is URxvt.keysym.Control-Tab: \033[27;5;9~ Using cat -v confirms that this mapping works: $ cat -v ^[[27;5;9~ The sequence ^[[27;5;9~ can then be used in applications like vim for mapping Ctrl+Tab. I would expect the following .Xresources entry to work the same. URxvt.keysym.Control-Shift-Tab: \033[27;6;9~ However, cat does not show the correct mapping: $ cat -v ^[[Z How to set up the Ctrl+Shift+Tab mapping? (HowTos)