Manage your ssh tunnel redirects graphically using Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager

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http://linuxers.org – gSTM provides you with a graphical front-end to manage various ssh tunnels easily. This tool is ofcourse useful for people who have to deal with ssh tunnels all the time but even if you don't use tunnels frequently or you can hardly remember the ssh flags while creating one, this tool might be able to help you out with quick creation of any type of tunnel redirects you want. The configuration for each tunnel is saved in XML format and it provides with a single interface to manage all of the tunnels(start or stop). So, if you have been using tunnels this tool may prove to be a good way of manage them. How to install gSTM in Ubuntu gSTM is available in the repos. Either click this link or enter this command in the terminal to install it. [shredder12]$ sudo apt-get install gstm You can even directly install it from the software center. How to install gSTM in Fedora or directly from source gSTM is not available in Fedora repos, so you will have to install it from the source. First of all, download the source of the software from here. Now, just enter the following 3 magical commands of most of the source code installations. [shredder12]$ ./configure [shredder12]$ make [shredder12]$ sudo checkinstall You can easily creat and configure ssh tunnels using this tool any way you want. It provides you with a nice and simple interface to easily handle them. (General)