Malys-uniblack and Mono, two new icon themes on Gnome-look

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http://www.linuxandlife.com – Malys-Uniblue currently is one of the highest rated icon sets on Gnome-look (its score is 80%) and last week, a new version of this beautiful icon set has been released. This time, the color theme is black, hence the name is Malys-uniblack. You can directly download Malys-uniblack here . To use this icon set, extract the zip file then move the icon folder to /usr/share/icons or /home/username/.icons then use the appearance setting tool to change the icons. If you are using Ubuntu or other Ubuntu-based distros, you can install Malys-uniblack via ppa. Open the termnial and run this: sudo a (Distributions)