Making a pointer program without return 0

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http://www.daniweb.com – Hi everyone. So here's the case, I am a newcomer in C++ and I have been working on a small begginers program ; it adds 2 numbers after adding 1 to each of those 2 numbers . Let's say if we put 4,5 then it will add 1 to both of them (5,6) and the result after adding them both will be 11 of course. Here's the program that I have made for this using pointers: Quote: #include <iostream.h> int sum(int *a, int *b); main() { int x,y,z; x=12; y=8; z=sum (&x,&y); cout<<"sum("<<x<<","<<y<<")="<<z; return(0); } int sum( int *a, int *b) { *a=*a+1; *b = *b+1; return (*a+*b); } The first thing, I wanna make sure that this program is right and it's the way to do the request in pointers. I think it's the right way cuz I tested it and run it without getting any errors. The second thing is that I wanna know how I can make this program work without getting the pointers to do the return method. I mean doing the request directly without needing to put the return line. I think I should make a third pointer and also add it in the line: z=sum(&x,&y); But what else then should I do? Should I erase the last 3 code lines and add it to the main class? Waiting for your anyone's help. (General)