Mac Driver for the ext4 file format

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – A buddy of mine just got himself a new machine. Quad processor, huge RAM, and more disk space than he knows how to use. So he decided to make it a tri-boot machine. He is a Mac 'biggot' (don't we all have our preferences?) but has been developing plugins for Cinema 4-D so he wanted to be able to span the spectrum... At any rate, we were chatting and he mentioned that he would like to be able to 'see' his Linux (he is using Ubuntu) drive while booted up in his Mac system. He mentioned MacFUSE (a development environment for drivers) but I explained that he would spend a LOT of time trying to develop there since he is NOT a driver guy. Long story short, I told him that I would ask around to see if anyone knows of a solution to his problem. So, does anyone out there know of a Mac Driver for ext4??? Thanks, MOldy01 (HowTos)