M$ Downright Lies about Linux to Best Buy Employees

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http://feedproxy.google.com – It seems that M$ still doesn’t get it. At least that’s quite obvious when one considers the “training” that they have been providing to Best Buy employees. For example, take a look at this screenshot of the training (click for bigger graphic): The original poster of this info couldn’t have said it better: “No iPod support? Really? And the Zune doesn’t work on the Mac either although there has been some progress from the Linux community. And I’ve never had any problems pulling pictures from cameras. I’ve yet to see a printer that doesn’t have a driver. You might have to download it from the products website though (gasp!). Yeah yeah. Software. Although WINE has been vastly improving lately (we even got around that stupid Secu-ROM). There are free alternatives to all of the Windows Live “essentials”. WOW. Of all the games to mention, they mention World of Warcraft. I wrote a tutorial on how to get WoW running on Linux not to long ago. Its probably the easiest game to set up with in WINE. Authorized support? Well you have Red Hat and Canonical, oh I guess you can count Novell… Video chat with Pidgin? Or Skype?“ Of course, not to mention the endless lists of Linux equivalents to Win software. Take a look at the original exposé here: Microsoft attack Linux at the retail level See also: microsoft (mis)educates best buy employees about linux Microsoft’s training materials teach Best Buy employees how to trash Linux (Distributions)