LXDE and the problem with NetworkManager

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I'm use Fluxbox in my everyday work. With the recent installation of Fedora12 (from the Gnome LiveCD) i decided to replace GDM with LXDM. I did it by means of editing /etc/X11/prefdm file: Code: ... quit_arg= preferred= if [ -f /etc/sysconfig/desktop ]; then     . /etc/sysconfig/desktop     if [ "$DISPLAYMANAGER" = GNOME ]; then         preferred=/usr/sbin/gdm         quit_arg="--retain-splash"     elif [ "$DISPLAYMANAGER" = KDE ]; then         preferred=/usr/bin/kdm     elif [ "$DISPLAYMANAGER" = WDM ]; then         preferred=/usr/bin/wdm     elif [ "$DISPLAYMANAGER" = XDM ]; then             preferred=/usr/bin/xdm         elif [ -n "$DISPLAYMANAGER" ]; then         preferred=$DISPLAYMANAGER     else         quit_arg="--retain-splash"     fi else     quit_arg="--retain-splash" fi preferred=/usr/bin/lxdm ... after reboot I have some issues with permissions, for example NetworkManager won't start: Code: $ nm-applet ** (nm-applet:1459): WARNING **: <WARN>  request_name(): Could not acquire the NetworkManagerUserSettings service.   Error: (9) Connection ":1.24" is not allowed to own the service "org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerUserSettings" due to security policies in the configuration file also "reboot" command won't work anymore without "sudo" I tried to look for it in forums, found out that this is "dirty little secret of Gnome - it's not modular" and that GDM is responsible for far more than just login management. Anyone had same experiences or has proper knowledge to help me with this, please? (HowTos)