Lucid Lynx Alpha 2 Released; Software Center Changes, Less Games, and New Applets

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http://www.learningubuntu.com – Get your bug report hat on because Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Alpha 2 is ready for testing. What's new in this release? Programs: GIMP has been set to be removed in Lucid Lynx, but for now it's here to stay. Pitivi, as confirmed, has now been added as a default application. A ton of games have also been removed, and narrowed down only to five: Solitaire gbrainy (brain teaser) Mahjongg Mines Quadrapassel Sudoku In the new Lucid Lynx Alpha 2 release, the old Indicator Applet (the shutdown button on the top right) has been split in two. Now there is a new Social Applet, and a separate Shutdown button. A couple of subtle new interface changes have been made to Nautilus and F-Spot. Also, the "Interface" settings has been removed from the "Appearance Preferences". The Software Center has gotten a couple of small interface changes as well. A new "Free Software" category has been added to the "Get Software" drop down, and the breadcrumb has a new stylish design with a new slide animation. Installer: The logo in the Live CD has been changed from the old Ubuntu logo to the new dark glowing Ubuntu logo. The Ubuntu installer (Ubiquity) has also added a couple of changes. Once new  change is the "Update This Installer" button which updates the installer just in case a new bug fix has been released. Another new feature that has been added to the Alpha 2 release is a new "as superuser" warning. Whenever a program is run as root (sudo) the text "(as superuser)" is added to the window title. Also if you are installing a test release of the Ubuntu Live CD, Ubuntu now warns you at the start of the installation. You can also now skip optional steps such as downloading language packs and updates. Download It You can get the CD image at the Lucid Lynx Alpha 2 release page. As always exercise caution when installing a pre-release, as they're obviously still not complete and might contain bugs. The next Ubuntu Alpha release is stated to be ready for February 25th. Some changes which are planned for the future is support for a new Aero-style transparency and the removal of GIMP. Notice: The release page is still not up. You can get the latest tested CD image at the iso testing tracker. (HowTos)