Low Power Pixel Qi LCD Kit to Extend Your Netbook Battery Life

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http://gamblis.com – Yes, I was read this post on Indonesian website (tabloidpcplus.com) and there is a good tip to increase the netbook battery life longer. If you want your battery last longer, then you should replace your netbook screen. At least that was Pixel Qi suggestion. This Pixel Qi is offering the DIY kit for you who [...] Related posts: The Gigabyte M1000 Netbook with Express Recovery On the official Gigabyte website, this Gigabyte M1000 is marked... SONY VAIO X Series VPCX125LG/S Slim & Lightweight Netbook The new slim and lightweight netbook was introduced by... Manage and organize your photos online using Camera Life Currently there are many free and open source software for... Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. (Distributions)