Lost my old data ???

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi All Please help me.Let me tell you what has happened to me..I was trying to free some memory as my /var was about to fill.I went to Add /remove software and ried to remove some of the unwanted software and it asked for dependency and i clicked ok.After a while i saw some of my aplication like Evolution,Empathy blackening and i killed the Uninstallation. I was sure by time that something wrong has happened and i did not switch off my monitor so that i can retain my application.I tried lot to increae teh /var so that i can update my yum and install some lost application but allin vain i tried Gparted which can only decrease the size . I had 40 GB unallocated space so i tried to boot from Live Fedora 12 DVD and was able to see my all the files and filesystem. All my data in /home was intact.I tried to go to grub and went to boot hte kernel and Initrd and was able to go to #root but again was not able to update the system as network was missing.The SYSTEM was Not booting and stuck in between. Tried to change the /var to var1 copied /var content to /var1 and made changes in teh /etc/fstab still did not work ,so finally went to repair with Live cd but could not get "Linux rescue" anywhere not even to upgrade option so finally installed the New linux without touching / and /home partition rest were deleted and formatted for new instalation.Now i could not see my data in /home directory although i could see data in /root(old) and all ..i am now lost ..my data is nowhere ..please help me.I can only see /home(old) but it says empty and shows 6 GB unused and 3.3 GB used when seen in Gparted ..please help i will provide more info if needed.Thanks in advance. Regards :confused: (HowTos)