loose linux also when windows crashes

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – hi, i've been using linux for almost 4 yrs now and there is one problem that has bothered me for all this time. i have searched for solution on the net and in many forums (including this one), but failed. let me explain: i have always used linux (prefer fedora) dual-booted with my windows xp (always installed xp first and then fedora). i boot into either fedora or xp and things work perfectly fine. but problem occurs when my xp crashes and i need to reinstall xp. at that time, xp over-writes the grub boot loader with the nt loader and i loose my linux also in this process. so, i need to reinstall linux after i install xp all over again (i have never seen an option to install only the grub bootloader in the fedora distribution cds/dvds). this causes a lot of frustration. xp crashing is understandable. but, reinstalling linux even when it has not crashed! that hurts! i have a single hard drive with multiple partitions. 1). is there some way by which i can avoid the efforts of installing linux all over again the second time and yet be able to access it after reinstalling xp? 2). can boot manager tools help me achieve this? 3). can a rescue cd help? but nowadays, there is a single dvd for installation. please suggest a solution to this old problem. thanks in advance. (HowTos)