Looking out for the file-watcher

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http://www.unix.com – Hi friends, I do not have much thoughts so need any help on the below issue: I need to create shell script that will find the files & throw an error through job (autosys) when file not found. Daily we use to receive 3 files from a system. Obstacles: 1) All 3 files names are same. 2) Timestamp is same. 3) Even the received time may be same Thats why got stuck. Script which I have created: Code: first_time_stamp=`ls -l/apps/rdp/prd/prd1/interfaces/auto/input/archive/*tri003_global*20130131* | awk '{print $8}' | sed -n '1p'` sec_time_stamp=`ls -l /apps/rdp/prd/prd1/interfaces/auto/ (HowTos)