Looking to host client sites with mediatemple (ve)

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http://serverfault.com – I'm currently providing my clients with hosting through hostgator reseller but my new CMS depends on PHP => 5.4, I needed something else. I'll be using WHM/Cpanel and probably WHMCS for the billing part. I first looked at rackspace "cloud servers". I actually set up a server, configuring a LAMP stack with php 5.4 on centos 6.3 (yay I'm so leet lol :P took two days though) But I realized, there is (for the cheapest 512mb one) a 20mbits outgoing speed limit! So according to my math. 100 requests for a 2MB file would take roughly 100 seconds. Which really doesn't work for more than.. well, 1 (HowTos)