Looking Beyond 4G: U.K. Telecoms Regulator Prepping Spectrum Release Plan for 5G, Sees “Untapped Opportunity” For Wi-Fi Hotspots

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http://techcrunch.com – The U.K.’s first 4G network has only just got up and running but telecoms regulator Ofcom is already looking beyond 4G to form a plan for the next generation of mobile network technology — potentially 5G — looking at where the spectrum will come from to support future mobile network capacity needs. Ofcom has also published new data showing 20 million Gigabytes of data is now being consumed in a year over the U.K.’s mobile networks – more than twice as much as last year (9 million Gigabytes). Ofcom reckons that by 2030, demand for mobile data could be 80 times higher (IT news)