lofiadm unclearness

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I have a .gz file and I'd like to see the content of it. I used lofiadm to mount it. lofiadm /backup/file.gz ->> returned /dev/lofi/1 mount -F ufs /dev/lofi/1 /mnt Then I checked the content /mnt> du -sh * 4K etc 79M kernel 8K lost+found 13M platform The problem is size of file.gz was around 342 MB but the content is around 93 MB. I checked it with ls -al but there were no other file. /dev/lofi/1 321M 93M 196M 33% /mnt Now I don't understand how that happens. File size was 342 MB but after mount it returns 92 MB (HowTos)