LiveCD doesn't impress

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I think I'm giving up. First of all, the ATI radeon open source driver and 3D effects problems. Okay, maybe there is progress on this going by some recent posts but I still can't enable OpenGL. Second, so many applications just don't start. The icon bounces around but the program doesn't initiate. Nothing happens. I use the Live media to give me an idea of how the distro might be. It's like a preview. I believe this is suggested my Linux users so I hope it's a reasonable assessment. Programs/utilities/applications that don't start after you click them: Yast, KPackageKit, SaX2. This is my experience on my ThinkpadT41 laptop. I know it's not hte speed because I am able to install software and start applications on Live media of Ubuntu 9.10, Mandriva 2010 and Fedora 12. Anyway, sorry my experience is negative but that is my personal experience. I have tried several times and the combined problems are a deal breaker. Maybe later, I'll try again and see if anything is changed. Thanks for reading. (Distributions)