Linux Mint 8 Helena KDE Edition Released

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http://www.liberiangeek.net – If you’re a fan of Linux Mint and KDE, then it’s time to celebrate because the KDE Community Edition for Linux Mint 8 (Helena) has just been released. Any Linux distribution that doesn’t support KDE is bound to lose some fans. Some studies put it that KDE enjoys more followers then GNOME, the main challenger to KDE on Linux Desktop. I personally don’t think the team Mint wanted to loose those fans, that’s why they released the KDE Community Edition for Mint 8.   When you combine the stability, security and a complete-out-of-the-box experience of Linux Mint 8 (Helena) with KDE support, you’ll get a compelling alternatives to Windows and other Linux distributions.   In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to download and install a copy of Linux Mint 8 (Helena) with KDE Community Edition support. To run KDE comfortably, your computer must be setup with at least 10GB of free space, 512MB RAM.   Download the ISO image from here and burn unto a blank CD/DVD disk.   1) Pop the CD/DVD into the computer’s CD/DVD drive and boot from it. Then select the KDE option from the list.     2) When the system is booted, click on the Icon (Install Linux Mint on the desktop to begin the installation. Next choose your language and continue.     3) Choose your time zone and click Forward. Next select your keyboard layout and continue.       4) Select the option to erase the entire disk and click Forward. Next enter your information.     5) Click Install when ready. Wait for the installation to complete.     6) After the installation, remove the CD/DVD disk from the computer drive and reboot. Next enter your username and password to login.     7) KDE desktop looks the same on every Linux system. Here is the look of the Application list and Favorites.       The default package manager is Synaptic Package Manager, same as on every Linux system with KDE Desktop.     9) System systems has easy to access control settings grouped into categories. You can manager users, partitions and other settings from here.     KDE fans, you won’t miss out on this system. Linux Mint 8 has always been one of the best distributions for Linux enthusiasts and non-Linux users. Combined with KDE, it even better then most Linux popular distributions. Join the forum discussion on this post — (1) Posts (HowTos)