Linux on Hard Drive Partition, Bootloader on USB Flash Drive

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – How can I use a USB flash drive to boot Linux from a partition on (another) hard drive? I'm trying to install Linux on an encrypted partition on the hard drive (using LVM on LUKS). Since /boot must be on a separate, unencrypted partition, I would like to store it on a USB flash drive. My plan was to install GRUB (2) to the flash drive (/dev/sdb) and boot Linux from it's MBR, or if the drive was unplugged simply boot Windows from the hard drive's (/dev/sda) MBR. I installed GRUB (2) to /dev/sdb, but when I tried to boot from the flash drive I got the following message: Grub Loading Afte (HowTos)