Linux Beginner: An Introduction To OpenSuse Linux

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http://www.liberiangeek.net – With our goal or making our tutorials as easy as it can be, we will continue with introducing you to OpenSuse Linux. As you may already know, OpenSuse is a free Linux Operating System geared towards people from the Windows world. It’s easy to configure and learn, fast and works great with Windows Systems.   With every new operating system you install, you’ll need to perform some basic configurations and updates. Managing user accounts, changing your background and themes, and adding new printers are just some of the tasks you’ll have to perform after installing a new operating system.   In this easy to follow tutorial, I’ll show you how to update OpenSuse, change the background and theme, and manage user accounts. If you don’t know how to install OpenSuse, read our previous blog Perfect OpenSuse Installation.   Updating OpenSuse: The first thing to do after installing a new operating system is update it with the latest security patches and software. OpenSuse is no exception. To update OpenSuse click Computer –> YaST.       Enter the Administrator’s password here to continue.     Then, select Software from the menu on the left and click Software Repositories. This is where you setup software repositories, and repositories are storage place for OpenSuse software.     Select a repository and check to enable box below to enable it. To edit it, click the Edit button. To add a new repository, click Add. When done click OK.     Then click Online Update to update your system.     If there are updates available, you will be able to select them and update your system. Mine is already updated that’s why nothing is selected.       Managing Users and Groups: Just like Windows machines, you can manage OpenSuse user accounts from YaST console. To add user and group accounts, select Security and Users from the left menu and click User and Group Management.     To add a new user account, click the Add button. To edit an account, click the Edit button. Click Delete an account.     When adding a user account, enter the user’s Full Name follow by the username and a password. To disable an account check the Disable User Login box.     Select the Details tab and configure more settings. In OpenSuse, rights are signed by joining a group. Each addition group you add an account to, will give that user rights to perform what the groups is allow to on this system. The user’s home directory is selected and permission is chosen. The user default group is assigned and login Shell.     On the Password Settings tab, set some restrictions on the user’s account. Set the account to expire by entering an expiration date. When done, click the OK button and close out.       Changing Background/Theme: To change the background color and theme for your system, click Computer –> Control Center.       Then select Look and Feel from the left menu and select Appearance.     On the Theme tab, choose your theme style. To get more themes, click Get more themes online.     On the Background tab, choose a background to install. Do the same with Font and Interface. When done clock Close.     Your new background and theme have been installed.       Enjoy your new system. Next time I’ll show you how to install a printer, and configure more settings. Join the forum discussion on this post (HowTos)