link aggregation in esxi5 + aggregation on the switch + freebsd9 = an aggregated link that do not work

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http://serverfault.com – i have a 6 port intel server nic. under the settings on ESXi5, i aggregated 4 of the ports. i have ZFSGuru running on the VM, which is based off of FreeBSD 9, iirc. this VM has two interfaces, an e1000/em0 and a vxmnet2/vxn0. initially, i did not set link aggregation on my switch, which is an Allied Telesis AT-9924T. things seemed to work alright. just a few minutes ago, i set port trunking (which is what the manual refers to when talking about link aggregation for some reason) on the switch, and set the aggregation on ESXi to "route based on IP hash" (read on another thread that that' (HowTos)