LighTPD and PHP not working if outside of LightTPD folder

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http://serverfault.com – I need to set up a simple web server with PHP on Windows XP that a number of different people will use for local testing. I'm using LightTPD 1.4.30-4-IPv6-Win32-SSL and PHP 5.2. So far I've created this folder structure: tools/ LightTPD/ htdocs/ PHP/ I set up PHP as CGI and the document root as server_root + "/htdocs". It works fine (well, it's slow but I don't want to bother with FastCGI for now :) ). My problem is when I try to put the htdocs outside of LightTPD folder, like this: htdocs/ tools/ LightTPD/ PHP/ I update the document root to server_root + "/../../ (HowTos)