libpam-ldapd not looking for secondary groups

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http://serverfault.com – I'm migrating from libpam-ldap to libpam-ldapd. I'm having some trouble gathering the secondary groups from LDAP. On libpam-ldap, I had this on the /etc/ldap.conf file: nss_schema rfc2307bis nss_base_passwd ou=People,ou=CITIUS,dc=inv,dc=usc,dc=es nss_base_shadow ou=People,ou=CITIUS,dc=inv,dc=usc,dc=es nss_base_group ou=Groups,ou=CITIUS,dc=inv,dc=usc,dc=es nss_map_attribute uniqueMember member The mapping is there because I'm using groupOfNames instead of groupOfUniqueNames LDAP class for groups, so the attribute naming the members is named member instead o (HowTos)