Learning Blender and Inkscape

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I'm looking for quality and up-to-date references (at least close to the current release :)) to learn Blender and Inkscape. Hardcover books, online books, tutorials, etc. I like resources that contain real-world exercises that you can immediately apply. I stay away from hardcover books that contain chapters on "installing" or "history". Substance not fluff :) Have you found any resources you really found helpful? What are they? For Gimp, I used: Online: The Gimp Documentation Hardcover Book: The Artist's Guide to GIMP Effects (Note: I believe the author is coming out with a new edition to coincide with Gimp 2.8 which I think is coming out at the end of this year. "Beginning GIMP: From Novice to Professional" is also a good book, but it was too much Novice and not enough Professional :-)). Tutorials (video): Meet the Gimp Now I'm looking for Blender and Inkscape educational material. Thank you. (Distributions)