LD_PRELOAD keeping mozilla from starting

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I was seeing an odd thing where thunderbird or firefox would fail to startup. Nothing would happen.. the terminal would just there until I canceled out.. I later discovered the apps would start if I did 'su - <myaccount>' and logged in as myself again.. This pointed to some kind of env issue causing the problem.. I compared the environments before and after the 'su - ' command and discovered the culprit to be LD_PRELOAD. Once I unset the value, I was able to start both thunderbird and firefox normally. This is what LD_PRELOAD was being set to in the default login session - LD_PRELOAD=/usr/NX/lib/libesddsp.so.0 /usr/NX/lib/libesd.so.0 This variable isnt defined in any of my startup files and I cannot find any reference to it in the standard shell startup files in /etc or the /usr/NX folders. I guess the NoMachine package is setting this value on-the-fly or via a binary file somewhere. Can someone enlighten me what this variable is used for and if it is important etc? In my searching around, it appeared to mostly show up in sound related issues. Many thanks (Distributions)