ldap server/client issues

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi all, I am having a problem with LDAP that I would like some opinions on for solving. I have ubuntu server 9.10 installed on a server that is supposed to be a backup server for a large academic group. We have a LDAP server for the entire institution for user authentication etc. The goal is to use the institutions LDAP server for user authentication over samba, ssh, etc. The problem: I do not have admin access to the LDAP server and very little knowlege of how its set up. I have set up an LDAP client successfully and can log into the backup server through ssh with LDAP credentials. I am unable to set up Samba as I do not have the admin password on the LDAP server. I have the added issue of subgroups within my own group. Members of one subgroup should not have direct access to other subgroups data. The original LDAP server does not recognize these subgroups and I obviously do not have rights to add groups to that server. I am by no means an expert with LDAP and am completely stuck on how to proceed. I wanted to possibly duplicate or mirror the LDAP server then add the samba authentication and extra groups to my own server. I am clueless on how to do that. I do not have any support from the IT department of the institution, they will not support stuff they did not set up and they will not set up group backup server or samba as they would prefer us to use their backup facilities (which are nearly at extortion level prices) I hope I have given a clear outline of my problem...it is hard since I dont 100% understand it myself I would welcome any hints/suggestions or tips thanks (HowTos)