LDAP + KDM crashing

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello, I recently installed fedora 12 with the KDE desktop and enabled LDAP authentication. I had a couple problems with this setup. Firstly, when I installed I used the firstboot program to set up LDAP authentication. This worked great, however, upon a reboot the system boot process would hang at Starting system message bus:. After some googling, I found a rather old bug report that mentioned that this was caused by LDAP being configured in firstboot. However, it was said to be fixed. I tried disabling LDAP(using single user mode) like the bug said to do for a temporary solution, and it worked. This has come back once for seemingly no reason, but the same fix seems to have fixed it for the time being. At least, there have been no hangs with multiple test reboots. After this, I had a new problem. Every time I booted up, I would see the KDM background and mouse pointer for about 3-5 seconds, then it would crash to a blank screen. Looking at /var/log/kdm.log i found the following error message: Code: KCrash: Application 'kdmgreet' crashing... After googling for quite a while, I found a post in a mailing list where someone mentioned this happened to them after enabling LDAP authentication. So, I tried it again. I switched to a virtual terminal and used authconfig-tui to disable LDAP. Sure enough, upon a reboot KDM worked again. So, i have the following questions: 1. How can I debug this further? As in, is there a way to get more verbose debug messages in kdm.log? 2. If I cannot find a solution, should I submit a bug report? 3. Is anyone else having similar issues? Thank you for reading my rather long winded explanation, any help would be appreciated. P.S.: I have all the latest updates for everything. At least, I ran yum upgrade and checked that the problem still existed before posting. Also, i'm using i386 fedora 12 with kernel (HowTos)