kubuntu won't install

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http://www.linuxforums.org – I can't for the life of me - get Kubuntu - to install. I tried about a year ago and got a black screen after just a couple of minutes of installing. Now that I have a new laptop I wanted to give it a go again but, it looks like exactly the same thing is happening - whatever that is. I opt to run the LiveCD or go straight for the install to hard disk and I see the blue Kubuntu Splash screen and the progress bar for a couple of minutes then the screen blacks out. I used to have an ild Acer Trvelmate 630 and my current laptop is a Dell 1537 Studio with 3Gb RAM and ATI HD3450 graphics card with 256Mb of memory. I had a similar problem with Linux Mint so abandoned that too. I am quite happy running my Crunchbang Distro but, you know how it is, I want to experience new environments to see what they are like. Any ideas about the install problem with Kubuntu? I also run Karmic without any real problems. Ta... (HowTos)