[kubuntu] Severe stability issues with Karmic rendering laptop unusable

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Ever since upgrading my Lenovo IdeaPad Y530 from Jaunty to Karmic, I have been plagued with severe stability issues, rendering my laptop essentially useless. With 9.10, my laptop has been plagued with sudden reboots, kernel panics, and complete system lock ups, none of which had been experienced before with Jaunty. Even worse, I've received an odd error message suggesting that the system is silently corrupting data that is accessed from my HD. While trying to extract a file from a bzipped tar archive, I received an error message of an unexpected end of file. When I rebooted into an old Jaunty live cd, I was able to extract the file without issue. These issues are being experienced on a clean install of Karmic. In fact, the install had to be attempted twice as the laptop had suddenly rebooted during the first attempt. I would like to try to troubleshoot this issue, but I had no idea where to start-- I think these issues might be related to disk activity, but have no way of confirming this. Has anyone else been experiencing similar issues? ()