Kubuntu Install corrupts NTFS partition

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi, I convinced my sister into trying linux instead of windows. When she agreed, I messed things up for her in the install and now her files are gone. I was trying to install Kubuntu. I had backed up all of the data into one partition (hda7 ... which is the last partition) and restructured the other partitions. When applying changes, it crashed in the middle so I had to start again and redo things. Finally when everything was installed, I tried mounting the NTFS hda7 partition but to no success. Upon checking in fdisk, it was listed as ext3 but even could not mount it with ext3. I checked in windows and the partition is marked as "unknown". what has changed is that instead of hda7 being logical, it is now marked as primary. I have checked testdisk and I am not able to recover any files from it. Any ideas? 1. Testdisk ... did not find any files from that partition 2. Partition magic ... got some messages that something wrong with the partition table, it fixed that, but get Error 17 and partition magic cannot start 3. chkdsk ... did not find anything Any other ideas? I read something about DD but I have never tried it and I am worried I might mess up things. (HowTos)