[kubuntu] Frequency Out of range problem with Nvidia GeForce 7600gt

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hello, Im spanish so I'm sorry if I make many mistakes writting this to you :P I've recently donwloaded Kubuntu 9.10 and installed into my laptop, I fell in love with it, and I decided to install it in my personal computer too. So I put in my cd, and wait until CD boots, select my language, and select the "install" option. Kubuntu starts loading, and after it loads my screen shows an error text like "Frequency not suported, out of range" or something like that... I thought it would be my LCD screen, so I changed it for another one of another computer I've.... I do the same steps as before and ... ooops, I get another time the frequency out of range. I've been searching for it in the forums and I saw some people with the same error as mine: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1306976 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1306154 ... And I found something in common "Nvidia GeForce 7600GT" Anybody can help me ? (Hardware)