[kubuntu] Alert and high temperature shutdown but CPU is too cold

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi, my computer shuts down at around 55°C (131°F). If my computers CPU temperature reaches this threshold, i hear a fire alarm sound from the speaker of my mainboard and the computer shuts down immediately. If Iturn the computer on and enter bios right after that, cpu temperature is around 45-50 degrees C. Way too cold for an alert. CPU is a Athlon XP-M 2600+ with a max. allowed temperature of 90° C Mainboard: NF7-S 2.0. I suppose that somewhere on my computer a high temperature threshold is set too low, so my computer shuts down at around 55 degrees. But i don't know where else to search. I have already looked at my mainboards bios. Threshold there is set at 75 degrees Celsius. Maybe there is such a threshold switch set on Ubuntu too? Does anyone have another suggestions? I'm using Kubuntu 8.04 (Hardy). (Hardware)