Korn Shell, End, pgup, pgdown, and delete key not working

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – So basically my End, pageup/down, and delete key are not working in ksh93. I'm running FreeBSD by the way. My arrow keys are working, and so is my home key. Those keys work when I put this in my .kshrc set -o emacs I have tried doing THIS, by putting this in my .kshrc. To make the end key work. alias __Y=`echo "\005"` # end = ^e = end of line I opened up vim, and pressed control-V, and typed 005. And the ^E showed up. Still, nothing worked. Anyone know anyway to get those key to work? Thanks. Also, When ever I press those keys it prints out a ~. I also know that I could use Contr (HowTos)