Koonsolo is shifting it’s focus

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http://lgn.linux-hardcore.com – Koonsolo the developers of Mystic Mine have changed their direction and instead of working on the Big Bulldozer game, they are now developing a tool for creating games … another game engine ? Big Bulldozer however is not canceled, but on hold – till the game creation tool will be released. I do hope that this tool will work natively on GNU/Linux as Koen is a devoted GNU/Linux fan, user and contributer as was mentioned in my interview with him. “ Hi Koonsolo fans, Recently I came across this great opportunity, but it forced me to make a tough decision. I hope you will understand, and will keep supporting Koonsolo as you did before. As you might know I started Koonsolo because I love creating games. Mystic Mine was the first game that I created entirely by myself, and I planned the same for the next one. But doing the programming, graphics and marketing all by myself is very hard and time consuming. As I was working on my upcoming game, I got a request from another indie game company to work on a project together. This project isn’t a game, but a tool to create games. It will allow anyone without programming or artistic skills to create cool video games. And it’s powerful enough that when you do know how to program, you can write your own code. Or if you are an artist, you can include your own graphics. I’ve been programming games since I was a kid, so this is the ideal opportunity to share my technical knowledge, and make it available to anyone. Doing this together with another company allows me to focus on the development and the things I’m really good at. Because this game creation tool is going to be released first, it also means that my next game won’t be released in the near future. I hope you can understand my decision, and I certainly hope that you’re interested in creating your own games using my tool . If you have any questions or remarks, you can mail me at [email protected] Thanks! Koen.” (Distributions)