kirchoffs with simultaneous equations

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http://forum.allaboutcircuits.com – hello im now stuck on a two loop mesh that I have to solve with simultaneous equations. I get one correct current which I think is I1 = 0.857ma then I get lost at current two which I get 0.476ma, instead of 0.856ma equation 1 is 4v 6kX + 4kY equation 2 is 2v 4kX + 5kY equation 3 is 8v 12kX + 8kY equation 4 is 6v 12kX + 15kY 4-3 gives -2v 12-12=0 15-8= 7kY -2v/7k = -0.286mA I2=-0.285mA putting this into equation 1 is 4v 6kX + 4k x -0.285mA = -1.144v 4+-1.144/6= 0.476 I think the problem is the -1.144, if it wasn't minus I would g (Embedded)