[KERNEL][JELLY BEAN][Performance] Sultan-kernel [12/7/2012]

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http://forum.xda-developers.com – I noticed that with all the Jelly Bean kernels for the Sensation there was no option to overclock the CPU past 1.782GHz nor was there an option to overclock the GPU to 320MHz (3D) and 266MHz (2D). I started learning how to build a kernel with these features, and now I'd like to share my work with the community. Features: 3D GPU overclocked to 320MHz 2D GPU overclocked to 266MHz CPU overclockable up to 1.944GHz EXTREMELY light configuration (a lighter kernel is a faster kernel) Only 2 performance oriented CPU governors (Lagfree and Performance, if you guys really want another then let me know) (HowTos)