Kernel Update to destroys Intel i915 GFX

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi there, is it just me? Happening right now on a Fedora XII 64 Bit: The latest Fedora kernel update (from today, 2009/12/01 - coming from fedora updates [not update-testing]) destroys my Intel GM45 (= i915 kernel driver) so much that I 1. Have no plymouth dooring booting (just this blue textmode lines on the bottom) 2. Have a completley black KDE screen (only my colorshaded windows shadows appear, if I rightclick into the darkness - with no contents) - that's however a composite effect whicht strangely enough works (Alt f2 reveals for the 10th of a second the "start application"-window and vanishes) 3. If I change to a tty console (eg.via CTRL ALT F5), in 3 of 5 tries the screen does not manage to change to the new video mode and flickers insanely (switching back betwwen CTRL ALT F1 [x-server] and CTRL ALT F5 [tty] a couple of times helps) which tells me that... - at least KMS is gone. - 3D-Compositing is completly messed up resulting in a unusable complete black GUI However, beside this 4. the KDM login screen appears in its full beauty and so does the "KDE loading" thing. Going back to kernel makes any of this disappear and working nicely (I defaulted this in grub now). The computer is a lenovo thinkpad SL500 (cheap intel dualcore 64Bit CPU) with intel GMA4500 chipgraphics (if its not something with my linux configuration it should affect other similar notebook types too). My question: Is it just me? Or are other people being affected by this? If so, please leave a short note here... (I'd file a bug then [I didn't check for a bug report yet - maybe there is one already]). Thanks, and regards... die nmi! ---------- Post added at 03:22 PM CST ---------- Previous post was at 03:07 PM CST ---------- WTF - they seriously show, which OS I used to write my post! Arrrgh!!! Can't a man live in peace here?! As you can see - I am serious about this. I really use fedora on my notebook (right now with kernel My desktop uses a radeon HD 4870 - big bad luck with fedora 12: The radeon driver is not able to show KDE windows the right way (looks really really bad - even with those "experimental" Mesa settings-trick) and the unfree AMD driver does not work under fedoras high X Server version (which may be better this way! :) ) . So I end up using windows on it, waiting for a decent radeon driver to kickstart a decent 64bit linux (fedora still being first choice as the right compromise between cutting edge and usability)... It sucks you know (and the machine is so new that I don't wont to boot F11 - I depend on UMTS Internet - I'll get the update disease doing that now...) But man, why do you guys make me say that? It's just intimidating... (HowTos)