[Kernel] Leankernel: Minimalistic Kernel (JB 4.1-->4.6.0, JB 4.2-->5.1.1, 12/2/12)

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http://forum.xda-developers.com – This is a minimalistic Galaxy Nexus kernel. Imoseyon's philosophy is to keep the kernel as lean and stable as possible, at the same time to keep the kernel as modern and close to latest mainstream linux as possible. You will see that Imoseyon's kernels will lack some of the bells and whistles from other kernels. DOWNLOADJB 4.1.x: stable, all exp builds JB 4.2.1: all stable builds, exp builds Terminal Emulator not finding my scripts? Read this post. FEATURESPatched to latest in Linux 3.0.x branch: 3.0.53. All unnecessary kernel components removed to make kernel lean and fast! OC to 1.65ghz (HowTos)