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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi, I am looking for a password manager tool which is cross platform (linux & windows). I have found keepass. I have started evaluating it under windows in the version 2, and I find it very good. Now step 2 was to see how it works under linux (suse 11.x to be precise). At this stage I have realized that there are 2 possibilities. 1) use the "true linux" one (keepassx) which is a keepass version 1 tool 2) use the keepass version 2 which under linux runs "under mono" None of them are skipped by default on suse (why? on ubuntu and derivate it is !!??) keepassx is not for me since it would kill a lot of features of keepass which I like. So I have to install keepass with mono. I have found this page: Software.openSUSE.org which is nice BUT now my question: there are 2 new keepass at the top of the list with the same version, coming from 2 different repositories 1) keepass-2.09-1.1.noarch.rpm from Mono:Community/openSUSE_11.1+Mono 2) keepass-2.09-1.1.noarch.rpm from Mono:Community/openSUSE_11.1+Mono_Preview As I have said, keepass needs mono to run, and I guess the 2 repositories (and the 2 keepass builds) rely on 2 different versions of mono), but .... no difference is described! Which one should I use? Why? Which is the difference? Is it a good idea to use it at all (keepass v2)? I mean it must be reliable and stable!!! Why keepassx is not developed in the v2? If not which other cross platform tool would you suggest? p.s. What I am going to do is to add the repository in my repository list in order to assure updates. (Distributions)