keepalived does not release virtual IP

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http://serverfault.com – I have two servers to float a single Virtual IP ( Server1 and Server2 In the Server1, syslog VRRP_Instance(VI_1) Received higher prio advert VRRP_Instance(VI_1) Entering BACKUP STATE ip -a inet scope global eth1 In the Server2, syslog VRRP_Instance(VI_1) Transition to MASTER STATE VRRP_Instance(VI_1) Entering MASTER STATE VRRP_Instance(VI_1) setting protocol VIPs. VRRP_Instance(VI_1) Received lower prio advert, forcing new election VRRP_Instance(VI_1) Sending gratuitous ARPs on eth1 for ip -a inet scope global eth1 So why (HowTos)