KDE4: Plasma crashing after login

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi I'm a new openSUSE user - I've been using fedora for some time, and decided it's time to try out something new. Now so far my fresh 11.2 copy works pretty well - I even got my mobility radeon 3650 to work with 3d support. There's just one minor glitch - everytime I log in after reboot, the plasma desktop crashes right at the beginning - a window appears saying something like "The desktop process unexpectedly quit" ( I have a polish version, don't know the exact translation ) and leaves me with a big red button in the middle of the screen ( but the system seems to be fully functional ). When I log out and log back in without rebooting everything works just fine. The error is 100% reproducible. On the other hand - if I log into runlevel 3 first and then start the X manually, then there's no error. What could be the cause? (Distributions)