KDE Suddenly Unusable

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Using 11.0. This computer had been put away since last spring, but I needed it again, so I booted it up, and everything looked great. Of course, there were lots of patches and upgrades and so I applied them. Still, everything looked normal until I rebooted after upgrading to the latest kernel. To my surprise, my desktop dramatically changed its appearance. Perhaps it suddenly enabled KDE4 (that's what's now listed on the login options), but I really don't know. The new desktop was distinctive because it talked about activities, and had an icon on the lower left that mentioned plasma. I was looking forward to learning this new environment and so I tried running FireFox 3.6. Unfortunately it, and every other application opened at the top left edge of my screen without a title bar, so I could not move the apps. Also, when I resized them (by dragging the lower-right corner) the desktop background was not redrawn properly. One more thing: the keyboard stopped working in that environment: luckily the mouse worked and so I rebooted. After the reboot, things were even worse: logging into the default (KDE4?) never brought up a desktop: the green login background was all I could see, but the computer continued to perform periodic disk accesses so I knew something was working. Now for the good news: TWM works and so I'm typing this on FireFox 3.6 under TWM, so I can, at least, execute command lines and, I hope, get back to normal. (Distributions)