KDE - Kickoff Menu needs ages bevor it shows

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I just switched to KDE for testing and I found something quite funny: The KDE Kickoff Menu showes up after about 1 - 2 seconds when it is klicked on. (Klick 1 - 2 Seconds (System Freezes) Kickoff appears.) The System freezes completly. Not only the menu, everything. I switched in the effect to monitor Framerate, this is when I discovered the freezing. But now to my System: Fedora 12 newest Release (Update today) Hardware: CPU: AMD Turion 62 RAM: 3GB HDD 250GB Scorpio Blue WD Grafik: Nvidia 8400GS (256MB Ram) Swap 5GB Driver: akmod-nvidia Well thats all there is to say to the Laptop. I discovered this on my other two Laptops as well. One of them uses Fedora 11 the other on Fedora 12 Beta (not yet updated) Does any one know a solution?? greetings chris (HowTos)