KDE files and folders on the desktop?

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http://forums.opensuse.org – A couple of months ago, I upgraded from OpenSUSE 11.1 w/Gnome desktop to 11.2 w/KDE desktop. While I generally like the refinements of KDE, there is one aspect I absolutely detest, and that is the apparent inability to work with files and folders directly on the desktop as one does with Gnome or Windows or Mac OS. While file manager applications like Dolphin have their uses, I generally find them to be needlessly cumbersome compared to being able to drag and drop files and launch applications directly from the desktop. In this respect, I feel as though I have reverted to the functional equivalent of Win 3.1. Is there a way to enable access to folders and files on the desktop in KDE or do I need to revert to Gnome? Any insights on this matter are greatly appreciated. (Distributions)