KDE e.V. Elects New Board of Directors

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http://dot.kde.org – KDE e.V.'s Annual General Meeting was held today during the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. The KDE e.V. is the association that provides representation, support and governance to the KDE community. After former board member Klaas Freitag and KDE e.V. president Aaron Seigo stepped down and vice president Adriaan de Groot's term ended, three open positions had to be filled. Adriaan de Groot was re-elected as vice president of KDE e.V. and two new board members have been elected: Celeste Lyn Paul, the leader of KDE's usability efforts, and Frank Karlitschek, the man behind KDE community web services such as KDE-Look.org and KDE-Apps.org. Karlitschek is also known for his efforts to introduce the Social Desktop to KDE. The new president of the KDE e.V. is Cornelius Schumacher, and Frank takes over the role of vice president and treasurer from Cornelius. read more (Software)