KDE 4.4 beta1 in KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi, yesterday I tried KDE 4.4 from the KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop-repository. The new KDESC is really impressive. But I have a few little issues: kdepim-runtime was not installed by zypper dup. Without this package, Kontact ans Akonadi weren't able to start. I think this is a dependency-problem. Nepomuk could not start because of missing virtuoso-package. This should be reflected in the dependencies from nepomuk, so zypper will install this automatically. BTW: virtuoso from the very same repository is too old, nepomuk needs >= 5.0.12. It sould be updated in this repo, after installing just virtuoso(-drivers/-server) from KDE:KDE4:Unstable:Desktop nepomuk was working. kdeutils is missing in this repository because of the compilation-failure of python-kde4. So I'm missing applications like kgpg and kwalletmanager. I hope this will be fixed soon. It seems that kdeutils in Unstable does not depend on python-kde4, but I don't know why. mozilla-xulrunner-191-kde4 needs kde < 4.3.60. This dependency can simply be ignored. Does anybody know if there will be a new version of this? Perhaps with Firefox 3.6? I hope this will help somebody while trying this repository. Greets (Distributions)