KDE 4.3 behaving harassing! Please help

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hello, I'm recently experiencing usability problems with my KDE 4.3 always up to date. My system is becoming really difficult to use as I'm also a Windows user. Here are my troubles: *URL highlighting Wherever in my system I higlight a URL with my mouse, a pop-up window appears asking me to open that URL in Firefox, or send its link via Thunerbird. OK, that's really funny, but I'm not comfortable with it: often I just have to copy and paste the URL to another place than browser's URL field, and this forces me to remember to press ESC and I get stuck with it when I forgot and rapidly use keyboard and mouse :( and then lose more time *Screensaver's password box disappearing: since before the upgrade from 11.1 to 11.2 when I was going to exit the screensaver the login box displays just as a big empty gray box: I can actually type my password, press enter, and be back into the system. But it doesn't look good... I cannot even use the change user function as no button is displayed! *Automatic copy of highlighted text: THIS IS THE ONE I HATE MOST>:(>:(>:( When I highlight text it automatically gets copied to the clipboard!! So if I select and copy text, ie. from browser, and try to REPLACE another text field in any program I simply get the same text back and not the one I copied!!!! This is really frustrating, as it's been years that I highlight the text I want to replace, and it's going to be really difficult to change my attitude! Can somebody help me please? Thank you in advance (Distributions)