KDE 4.11 Beta. Comments.

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http://chakra-project.org – Thanks, but when we dwell in [unstable], we know it's unstable Don't enable [kde-unstable] ever if you want stability Laundry list.1. Strigi needs to be updated to 0.7.8. Not very important, but since Dolphin still wants Strigi, the newer the merrier. This is the only one that should go to [desktop], ASAP.2. Nepoogle. We all knew Nepoogle needed Nepomuk2 bindings, and KDE 4.10 doesn't provide them. but KDE 4.11 do. Can Nepoogle 1.0 be packaged in [kde-unstable]?3. Soprano needs to be a snapshot from trunk. Even Soprano 2.9.2 stutters when faced with KDE 4.11.4. I compiled for m (HowTos)